Cloud Identification Chart: Infographic & Printable PDF

Download a printable cloud identification chart and worksheet to help you easily classify clouds

Below is a cloud identification chart that we’ve designed as a learning resource to help you better identify and classify clouds. It’s a one-sheet infographic intended to be used to learn about not only the ten main cloud types, but help you visualize different cloud species, varieties, features, and accessories that can be attributed to each cloud type on one page. The ten main cloud types featured on the top half of the poster include a summary and description of each cloud, their approximate altitude, abbreviation, and a graphical representation of each cloud in relation to other cloud types.

Further below that is a chart that’s been created to help you determine what cloud type can be matched up the different cloud species, varieties, features, etc. For example, the calvus cloud species can only be associated with the cumulonimbus cloud type. No other cloud type besides a cumulonimbus cloud can receive a calvus classification. As a result, there is only one orange cloud icon found in the calvus row under the cumulonimbus column.

Included in this chart is each cloud’s name, latin-translated term, a short description, and abbreviation. At the bottom of the poster is a quick latin translation cheat sheet and a refresher pertaining to classifying clouds by their full name, which is explained in detail in our cloud identification guide.

If you’re interested in putting this on your wall, we sell a cloud identification poster that’s an updated version of this infographic.

You’re welcome to use the image below, but we’ve also put this chart into a PDF format to take with you on the go. The PDF includes working links of each cloud type on the top half of the page as well as the cloud names down the left side of the chart, which takes you to each cloud’s associated page on our website so you’re able to read more about each kind of cloud if you’d like to.

A cloud identification chart, poster, and printable worksheet guide to help with cloud identification