Cloud Classification Lessons from #CloudUniversity

Practice and improve your cloud classification skills with these step-by-step lessons

Welcome to #CloudUniversity, the premiere cloud classification school. If you’re looking for lessons in identifying clouds, take a seat. You came to the right place!

Below are hand-selected examples of clouds that have distinct classifications. Each lesson includes a short report on each cloud that describes our thought process behind giving each cloud its appropriate classification. We’re hopeful that walking through the process of classifying clouds from start to finish will help you classify clouds on your own.

New lessons will be added to this page on a weekly basis. Over time, the below list will grow into a library of classified clouds that you can use to reference.

Are you new to cloud classification? That’s wonderful news! To start, become familiar with the ten different types of clouds. Beyond that, several resources that’ll help you follow along are the cloud identification guide, the cloud identification chart we’ve put together, and our cloud types ebook.

Looking to test yourself even further? Join us on Instagram and participate in our ‘What’s This Cloud Wednesdays’. Every Wednesday morning, we’ll publish an Instagram story that contains a cloud photograph where you’ll be asked you to classify it to the best of your ability. By simply participating in ‘What’s This Cloud Wednesday’, you’ll be entered to win one of our three cloud identification posters we’ve designed.

Turn your phones off, keep your focus towards the front of the classroom, and put on your thinking caps. Class is in session… let’s classify some clouds together! ⛅️

This Week's Cloud Classification Lesson (October 2019)

Stratus nebulosus translucidus (St neb tr)

Stratus nebulosus translucidus (St neb tr)