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Cloud identification ebook

Announcing Our Cloud Types Ebook

Hey cloudspotting friends! ? Today we’re excited to launch something we’ve been working on the past several months, a cloud types ebook titled ‘The Complete Guide to the Different Types of Clouds and How to Identify Them’. (more…)
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Cloud identification posters blog post

Cloud Identification Posters by WhatsThisCloud

Howdy cloudspotting friends! ? Our journey of building a website and other accompanying resources to help make cloud identification a more fun and accessible hobby is always a work in progress, but today we’re announcing an exciting milestone. We’re happy to bring you the release of three cloud identification posters that we’ve designed and can be purchased through our shop along with some updates and improvements to the functionality of our website. (more…)
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A blog post introducing 'What's This Cloud' as a complete cloud identification and cloudspotting guide

A Complete Cloud Identification & Cloudspotting Guide

Earlier this year, we introduced the concept of What’s This Cloud. It was around that time the first parts of the website were being pieced together and our Instagram account was still a work in progress. Today, we’re officially launching the website as a complete cloud identification and cloudspotting guide. In this post, you’ll learn about how the site has been organized and how it can be used to make your cloud identification and cloudspotting adventures more knowledgeable and enjoyable. (more…)
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A blog post introducing 'What's This Cloud'

An Introduction to What’s This Cloud

Today, I’m excited to introduce a project I’ve begun working on the last several months: What’s This Cloud. It’s a website, supported by several social media accounts, that is dedicated to helping everyday weather hobbyists, cloud enthusiasts, and sky watchers of all ages learn to identify and classify all different types of clouds. And to share the love of clouds in general. ⛅ Below, you’ll be introduced to myself and my fascination with clouds, how this project started, and what you might expect further down the road from us. (more…)
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