Cloud identification posters blog post

Howdy cloudspotting friends! ? Our journey of building a website and other accompanying resources to help make cloud identification a more fun and accessible hobby is always a work in progress, but today we’re announcing an exciting milestone. We’re happy to bring you the release of three cloud identification posters that we’ve designed and can be purchased through our shop along with some updates and improvements to the functionality of our website.

Introducing Our Cloud Identification Posters

Over the past several months, we’ve been conceptualizing, designing, and with the help of our local print shop, printing three cloud identification posters which are now ready to be introduced to you below.

The Six Steps to Cloud Classification

Cloud classification poster preview

The Six Steps to Cloud Classification’ poster, listed in our shop as the cloud classification poster, is a 24×36 print that contains all 126 cloud type and subtype illustrations that you’ve seen on our website or Instagram account. The print is organized, laid out, and color-coded in such a way that will make it easy to compare the differences between cloud types, species, varieties, etc.

The Cloud Identification Chart

Cloud identification poster preview

The Cloud Identification Chart’ poster, listed in our shop as the cloud identification poster, is an 18×24 print that contains and infographic and information about each cloud type. The poster is then accompanied by a chart that organizes and displays what cloud types are paired with which subtype.

The Ten Different Types of Clouds

Cloud types poster preview

The Ten Different Types of Clouds’ poster, listed in our shop as the cloud types poster, is a 36×24 print that highlights the ten main cloud types. This poster was designed specifically as an educational piece and as an introduction to the fundamentals of cloud identification.

Free Shipping, BOGO Deal, & 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

We love clouds as much as we love delivering a great product and experience. We’d love nothing more than to see the walls of your home, classroom, and office decorated with clouds. As we announce the updated website and shop, we’re super excited and proud to offer the following:

Free Shipping. Free 3-5 day shipping in the United States and the option to upgrade to priority mail (1-3 day) for $7.95. We’re also offering $14.95 flat rate to Canada and $19.95 flat rate international shipping.

Buy 1, Get 2nd 50% Off. If you go to purchase a second poster, you’ll receive a 50% discount on that second poster. Both posters will be well-packaged together and shipped with care.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. This goes back to the fact that we love to deliver a great product and experience. If you’re not happy with your order for any reason, we’re not happy either! The three designs outlined below have all been printed professionally on durable, high-quality matte paper and are packaged with love. Order with the comfort knowing that your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out all the details of each poster on our shop. ?

A Website Renovation

Over the past handful of months, efforts were put into the our website to provide you with a better experience. So we’re finally happy to announce the relaunch of the new WhatsThisCloud website. Below are some highlights of what’s changed.

Redesign. The website now has a much more appealing look from top to bottom. Maybe you’ve already noticed it isn’t as clunky as it used to be. There have also been improvements made to several resources such as our cloud identification guide as well as the downloadable cloud identification chart.

Improved navigation. It should be easier to find your way around the site, especially from your phone. Maybe you’re reading this from your phone or iPad now. Hopefully that’s the case!

Updated images. Every cloud type, species, variety, supplementary feature, accessory, and other kind of cloud has its own unique page, which means 54 individual pages. Each page has on average four example photographs as well as illustrations and other information relating to the cloud being featured.

Shop addition. As discussed above, we’re excited to release a new shop where you can purchase items relating to cloud identification. Woo!

What’s Next? You Help Us Decide!

There are many topics and ideas out there that we’ll be addressing that pertains to cloud identification. Some of those include creating content and products pertaining to:

  • Cloud identification flashcards
  • Cloud identification mobile app
  • ‘Cloudspotting for kids’ resources
  • Online guizzes, games, and worksheets
  • More content (blog posts, cloudspotting resources, image library updates, etc.)

If you have several minutes to spare, we’d love to hear more about your cloudspotting experience and where we can help! Filling out this 10 question survey would be extremely helpful for us. All questions are optional… any advice you offer is appreciated.

Fill out the survey here ✍️

Want to be part of a wonderful community chock full of other cloudspotters, weather enthusiasts, teachers, and aviation enthusiasts? Would you like to practice your cloud identification skills? Follow us on Instagram. In the coming weeks we’ll be doing several Q&As around cloudspotting, running some giveaways, and discussing the direction of What’s This Cloud. We’d love for you to participate and hear your thoughts and feedback.

Of course, you’re always able to contact us directly. Email me directly at or DM us on Instagram or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you! Until then, keep your heads up in the clouds… cheers, friends! ⛅️