Cataractagenitus Cloud: Waterfall Condensation, Spray

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Definition: A stratus and cumulus cloud variation that's produced through waterfall condensation

Description & Characteristics. With cataracta translated from latin meaning waterfall and genitus translated from latin mean created from, the ‘cataractagenitus’ cloud formation is found as stratus and sometimes cumulus cloud types and describes a cloud that forms from the spray of a waterfall. The proper cloud classification abbreviation for this cloud type is ‘Cu cagen’ and ‘St cagen’.

The cataractagenitus cloud that is more commonly found as a stratus or stratus fractus cloud type, but can occasionally found as a cumulus cloud type. More often than not, you’ll need more than a trickle to see one: a larger waterfall is a key ingredient to spotting this cloud formation. Trip to Niagara falls, anyone?

Stratus fractus cataractagenitus (St fra cagen)
Stratus fractus cataractagenitus (St fra cagen)
Stratus cataractagenitus (St cagen)
A photograph of a stratus fractus cataractagenitus cloud (St fra cagen) over Niagara Falls

Cataractagenitus Cloud Types

The cataractagenitus cloud is associated with two cloud types: cumulus and stratus.

A graphical illustration of a cumulus cataractagenitus cloud

Cumulus (Cu)

Low, puffy, fair-weather

A graphical illustration of a stratus cataractagenitus cloud

Stratus (St)

Low, featureless layer